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N5810/N5810PRO/N4910U/N4910UPRO/N8910/N12910/N12910SAS/N16910SAS OS7 Firmware

[Release Note]
As below:
[New Features/Changes]

  1. Add XFS file system support folder quota function.
  2. Add info about module unusable, if this module has dependency with others module but removed.
  3. Add additional log for power up/down & reboot.
  4. Improve stability while N2810/N2810PLUS/N2810PRO/N4810 boot with HDMI.
  5. Improve HDD SMART check & File System Check (FSCK) operation.
  6. Improve HTTP disabled but accessible.
  7. Improve N2350 & N4350 Wake-on-LAN.
  8. Improve remote DATAGUARD folder listing.
  9. Improve multiple language wording.
[Bug Fixes]
  1. -
[Online Auto Download & Upgrade]
  1. If NAS with Internet access capacity, it is no need to download this file, just: CONTROL PANEL -> CONTROL -> FIRMWARE SETTING -> AUTO UPGRADE.

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