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*OS7 models Beta Firmware

[Release Note]
As below:
[New Features/Changes]

  1. Add N2350 & N4350 support.
  2. Add RDX support from USBCOPY
  3. Add network speed configuration option Auto/10bastT/1000baseT
  4. Add close browser and need re-login again.
  5. Add SAMABA option to limited Max & Min protocol.
  6. Add customized USBCOPY function & RDX support.
  7. Enable HTTPS server no need to reboot system.
  8. Improve iSCSI display.
  9. Improve FAN speed control and FAN fail tolerance.
  10. Improve LocalDisplay & Kodi
  11. Improve HDD SMART display.
  12. Improve with IE11.
  13. Improve CPU loading for WEB UI.
  14. Improve UI wording in Deutsch.
[Bug Fixes]
  1. -
[Online Auto Download & Upgrade]
  1. If NAS with Internet access capacity, it is no need to download this file, just: CONTROL PANEL -> CONTROL -> FIRMWARE SETTING -> AUTO UPGRADE.

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