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Country: USA | Media: TechPowerUp | Product: N5810PRO
“The feature that makes this NAS stand out from the crowd is the fact that it can be equipped with a small battery that plays the role of a mini-UPS, which gives the NAS the time it needs to save the data before it shuts down during a power cut to keep your data's integrity intact. This is a very interesting feature and you to the best of our knowledge won't find it in NAS servers by other NAS manufacturers.”
Country: Spain | Media: RedesZone | Product: N5810PRO

“Taking into consideration the technical specs, the performance achieved, and the price, the final assessment from RedesZone is 10/10 and recommended.”

Country: Germany | Media: Hardwareluxx | Product: N5810PRO
“With regards to its functional range, the N5810PRO is a true all in one solution. Five HDD slots provide enough space for a well dimensioned NAS and five LAN ports allow for an enormous performance boost. The embedded 2 Ghz Quad Core processor and 4 GB RAM bring enough reserves to satisfy numerous users and also to operate parallel with a variety of network services/servers. Lastly, the integrated UPS completes the portfolio and provides safety against power losses. With all of this in consideration, the N5810PRO was given the “Technik Award.”
Country: USA | Media: Tom's Hardware | Product: N5810PRO

“When used as intended, the Thecus N5810PRO is the best option available at this time. No other product other than older Thecus models incorporates the mini-UPS battery backup system. Thecus' simple setup process allows users to be up and running in less than ten minutes and the quality ensures years of trouble free use.”

Country: Spain | Media: Actualidad Hardware | Product: N4310

This is an ideal choice for SOHO/Home users who need to increase their storage capacity. With compatibility for 6 TB drives, capacity levels of 24TB can be reached. “The Thecus N4310 NAS shows good design, great performance and large storage capacity thanks to its four bays.”

Country: USA | Media: Guru 3D | Product:

The Thecus W4000+ is definitely recommended for the SOHO side of the market, an incredibly fun and handy NAS with decent performance and an operating system that will serve you well. If you are in the market for a Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 based product then please do opt this 4 GB model, as the extra memory will come in very handy.”

Country: USA | Media: TweakTown | Product: N5810PRO
“Build quality of the N5810PRO is remarkable solid; this unit is built like a tank and as I stated in the introduction is what industrial storage should look like. Overall, the Thecus N5810PRO is an extremely well built, high performance zero crash NAS appliance that carries a rather impressive MSRP, and that is hard to ignore.”
Country: Poland | Media: Virtual-IT | Product: N4310

“If you plan to purchase an affordable and compact NAS for your home or small office that supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, with a rich number of features, this should be your first choice.  At this price, this Thecus server is second to none!”

Country: France | Media: IT-Connect | Product:
The OS is not the only attraction of this NAS. Thecus provides well-known and robust hardware. “The design of the NAS is not flamboyant, but the model looks solid and secure.” For a little added value, Thecus included a special hardware feature. “The embedded SSD dedicated to storage of the OS is a real asset and a great idea from Thecus.”
Country: Greece | Media: ByTheWay | Product:

 “The Windows series from Thecus offers an enterprise-class solution in a user-friendly operating environment. The WSSE software allows users to use a number of features from Windows including Storage Spaces, Data Deduplication, integrated Cloud Services (Office 365 and Azure Backup) and data management.”

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