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Country: France | Media: ZeDen | Product: N5810
“The N5810 NAS is therefore a high-end product, with the specifications and performance justifying its price, especially in comparison to other 5 bay NAS of its competitors. Version 7 of Thecus OS allows the Thecus brand to catch up to the current industry leaders. Consisting of solid components, the performance is there and with the design and ergonomics both being engaging. What more do you need?”
Country: Spain | Media: Hispazone | Product: N2810 (v2)
“Thecus has made a very ambitious move with this NAS. An attractive price, a Linux platform with a powerful renewed system, hardware based on the latest generation Intel Celeron processor and a large and well-trained connectivity. We can even expand its 2GB RAM to 4GB easily. It is certainly one of the most interesting 2-bay NAS in the market.”
Country: Poland | Media: Pure-PC | Product:
“Thecus is without a doubt one of the most respected players in the market for this type of equipment, which boldly competes with giants such as Synology and QNAP” 
Country: UK | Media: Hardwareheaven | Product: N2810 (v2)
“Solid build, nice industrial look, easy to use/responsive OS and plenty of options for expanded functionality via apps.”
Country: Hungary | Media: Prohardver | Product:
The possibilities of using a Windows NAS are incredible comparing with a Linux NAS. Apart from features like Cloud services (Office 365 or Azure Cloud), Data Deduplication or Active Directory you can find an infinite list of apps to download into your NAS. “You're using a Windows system, this includes not only the most necessary basic elements such as the Control Panel, Notepad, Paint and so on. This means user can install any x86-based program, for example, peer-to-peer client, media player, games, etc.” 
Country: Poland | Media: Pure-PC | Product: N4310
“The Thecus N4310 possesses a very nice design in many different ways. It is well-made and it offers the possibility to install up to four HDDs and excellent software, which in terms of functionality does not have anything to envy from what the competitors offer, and also provides nice performance.”  
Country: Spain | Media: El Chapuzas Informático | Product: N5810PRO
 “The Thecus N5810PRO is one of the most complete NAS we have found on the market. The model is especially suitable for homes or small businesses. Users will find all the basic functions of a NAS, such as storage in several RAID configurations and backup, as well as functions of an advanced multimedia player.” And the cherry on top: “This NAS also includes a Mini-UPS battery.”
Country: Romania | Media: Madshrimps | Product:
“Thecus has made an interesting variation on the market with their W4000/W4000+ NASes (a 2-bay and also a 5-bay version is also available) considering that we no longer have a Linux distribution on our server but Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials and the product can be used from scratch like a regular PC.”
Country: USA | Media: Guru 3D | Product: N5810

“A NAS is not just a file-server anymore, these are fully fledged file serving servers with a plethora of applications and functionality. The Thecus N5810 with the new updated software definitely will be one of the more versatile NAS units available on the market. We like what we saw for hardware, software and functionality.The overall performance is really good, it is Gigabyte Ethernet compatible. At a 500 EURO/USD marker it is not cheap though we feel the price is fair for what you get, and you are receiving a SOHO server. Right, the Thecus N5810 we can recommend for the SOHO and consumer side of the market, it is an incredibly fun and handy NAS with excellent performance and extensive features that you may expect from a NAS. Based on the new OS software it earns our Storage Sweetness award.”

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