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Country: USA | Media: Tom's Hardware | Product: N4810
“At its current price point, the Thecus N4810 is unmatched in features and quality. This is a system you can build up over the years by adding more drives as needed. You can buy the system for your current needs and then discover an unknown world of capabilities that one day you will not want to live without.”
Country: UK | Media: Simply Reviews | Product:
For an appliance that functions as a full AD domain controller, the W4810 is reasonably priced. It’s easy enough to use as with WSS 2012 R2 Essentials at the helm, anyone familiar with Microsoft’s standard server OSes will feel right at home […] the automated client backup features and slick bare metal recovery services makes the W4810 a great choice if data protection is a top priority.”
Country: Germany | Media: Chip | Product: N2810PRO
The editors overall remarks are clear. “Overall very good – The Thecus N2810PRO NAS shines across all disciplines. In all categories, Performance, Functionality and Hardware Configuration it has fully convinced us – great job.” 
Country: France | Media: ZeDen | Product:
According to Zeden team, this NAS is very convincing with its performance. It is perfectly adapted for the novice or expert user, as it is an easy to use device with its Windows applications. Thanks to its low nuisance sound and its HDMI output, the Thecus N4810 will ideal for any Multimedia use. “The W4810 is quite simple to use and will therefore satisfy even the most beginner user for simple management as a server, as well handle the demands for the most seasoned.”
Country: Australia | Media: PC & Tech Authority | Product:
For small and medium sized businesses who have pre-existing Windows environments, this Windows Storage Server can be an ideal fit.  “Maximum capacity is 40TB, more than enough for most mid-sized businesses […] power users and small business owners will find that it delivers a feature-set that usually costs considerably more.”
Country: Taiwan | Media: 2016科技趨勢 | Product: N4810
With its rugged hardware design and rich software features, the Thecus N4810 is an effective assistant in the office to protect and access valuable information, and at home can function as a powerful multimedia hub. No matter what role it is assigned, the N4810 can be guaranteed to carry out its duties adeptly.
Country: Australia | Media: TweakTown | Product: N4810
“Thecus' N4810 NAS is leaking features from every seam including DP, USB-C, and Dual Gbe Ethernet. Adding to this is the price making this a competitive solution and certainly worth looking at if you need those features. ”
Country: UK | Media: Simply Reviews | Product: N12850L
“The low price and decent performance makes the N12850L a good choice for businesses that want affordable, uncomplicated NAS and IP SAN storage […] All the key storage features are present and correct and its high expansion potential makes it a good long-term investment. ”
Country: Taiwan | Media: Branding Taiwan | Product: N2810PRO,N5810PRO
"In today's thriving digital environment, companies need robust storage solutions to meet their daily operational needs and to be able to cope with a wide range of unexpected situations. Thecus provides robust performance, reliability, and scalability," said Florence Shih, General Manager of Thecus “And the value of excellence, whether it is personal as well as business operations are required to operate efficiently and stable and secure data storage device, which is our most important core value.”
Country: UK | Media: eTeknix | Product: N4810
“One of the key benefits on the Thecus NAS is the connectivity. With HDMI and DisplayPort you can enjoy up to 4K video resolutions and media playback directly on any screen with the appropriate connector. You can also get digital sound to your amplifier through the SPDIF port for the complete experience.”
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