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Country: Russia | Media: MegaObzor | Product: N2560
“The ThecusN2560 is an excellent solution as a home or an office NAS. This NAS can also work as an advanced multi-media center. The speed is enough not only for data transmission, but for HD-content as well. Great features include USB 3.0 ports, an optical audio-port, easy installation, mobile applications, a stylish design and low energy consumption. There were no problems or failures during our tests. We are giving the ThecusN2560 a well-deserved award the "Golden Editor`s Choice.”
Country: USA | Media: ProClockers | Product: N2560
“Performance was smooth and file transfers were quite quick. Multiple streams were handled with ease. It ran cool and quiet. Most of the time I didn't even notice it was there, just hearing an occasional drive platter spin up when in use.”
Country: France | Media: Tech24 | Product: N2560

“The Thecus N2560 has won us over because it´s easy to use and presents many features that will delight both experts and new users. Furthermore, even through rigorous use, we witnessed no lagging. At last, the design is simple yet elegant, deserving of a place on your desk or next to your TV”.

Country: USA | Media: Techgage | Product: N2560

“When you consider the features and performance however, it's easy to forget about the Benjamins that you're about to fork over.”

Country: Russia | Media: ITN Daily | Product: N2560

At the end of the review, the editors also discussed how the N2560 can be suitable for small and medium business where the flow of information is much higher than at home. Finally, they made sure to cover the N2560's overall value: “…this mini-PC is totally worth it!”

Country: USA | Media: HiTech Legion | Product: N2560
Overall, what you get with the Thecus N2560 is a power efficient, user friendly, and powerful little NAS device that is priced reasonably for someone with multiple clients, like a power user or small home office.” And as a result of this stellar performance, the team at HiTechLegion decided to award the N2560 their gold award for “its speed, expandability, quiet fan, and ease of use.”
Country: USA | Media: PC Perspective | Product: N2560

“With its media functionality growing from the server side to direct connection, the Thecus N2560 NAS Server bridges the gap between storage devices and HTPCs. So much so, in fact, that it may actually replace the need for an HTPC if XBMC provides the functionality that you need. And at [a reasonable price] that makes the N2560 a very attractive option.

Country: USA | Media: TestFreaks | Product: N2560

With all these perks in mind, Kristofer concluded his review with the following:All in all the Thecus N2560 is great choice for a NAS for those looking for decent specs and lots of features but don't want to pay a lot of money.

Country: USA | Media: Modders-Inc | Product: N2560

On the media front, the N2560 was also impressing. Feeling “right at home sitting next to the television”, the HDMI and SPDIF ports, support for media players (XBMC and Plex), and iTunes server make this unassuming device the perfect home entertainment solution for the modern household. Or as Modders-Inc puts it, “You've got one capable little NAS.”

Country: Russia | Media: PC Magazine | Product: N2560
As a result of such scores, the N2560 ranked 2nd among all NAS devices and won the “Editor's Choice” award: Among the 2-bay NAS, we awarded the Thecus N2560 with the 1st prize for its outstanding (the best in the group) performance in the random write tests as well as its rich connectivity: multimedia outputs such as HDMI and S/PDIF, which allow this NAS to be used both for direct connection to the home TV and as a digital signage server in the SMB environment.”
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