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Country: Belgium | Media: Madshrimps | Product: N4810
Overall, the Thecus N4810 earned the value award of Madshrimps due to its price-performance ratio.
Country: Russia | Media: IT Expert | Product: N4810
“In conclusion I can acknowledge I like this NAS. It is sleek and minimalistic at first glance, but it can function as a complete multimedia-center. But the most important is that the Thecus N4810 can tackle various tasks for a small and medium business. Personal NAS usage is in any case more secure than using public cloud storage. In addition any NAS can be customized according to the user`s preferences. This is an excellent storage solution which deserves our “Masterpiece of Technology” award.”
Country: USA | Media: Tom's Hardware | Product: N4810
“At its current price point, the Thecus N4810 is unmatched in features and quality. This is a system you can build up over the years by adding more drives as needed. You can buy the system for your current needs and then discover an unknown world of capabilities that one day you will not want to live without.”
Country: Taiwan | Media: 2016科技趨勢 | Product: N4810
With its rugged hardware design and rich software features, the Thecus N4810 is an effective assistant in the office to protect and access valuable information, and at home can function as a powerful multimedia hub. No matter what role it is assigned, the N4810 can be guaranteed to carry out its duties adeptly.
Country: Australia | Media: TweakTown | Product: N4810
“Thecus' N4810 NAS is leaking features from every seam including DP, USB-C, and Dual Gbe Ethernet. Adding to this is the price making this a competitive solution and certainly worth looking at if you need those features. ”
Country: UK | Media: eTeknix | Product: N4810
“One of the key benefits on the Thecus NAS is the connectivity. With HDMI and DisplayPort you can enjoy up to 4K video resolutions and media playback directly on any screen with the appropriate connector. You can also get digital sound to your amplifier through the SPDIF port for the complete experience.”
Country: USA | Media: Guru3D | Product: N4810
“This NAS server is seriously impressive as it comes with newly updated ThecusOS (Linux) software [...] We can recommend the Thecus N4810 for both that SOHO and consumer side of the market. What an incredibly fun and properly specced product. ”
Country: Taiwan | Media: XFastest | Product: N4810
Overall, the XFastest editorial team gave the N4810, which is equipped with the new operating system Thecus OS 7.0 an excellent evaluation. "The N4810 in terms of its hardware architecture is already quite powerful, using the Intel Celeron N3160 1.6GHz quad-core processor (Braswell) with 4GB DDR3 RAM (expandable to 8GB), which can play 4K video. If you are looking for full-featured performance and an excellent performing NAS, then be assured that the Thecus N4810 is the perfect item to have on your list.”