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Country: Poland | Media: Pure-PC | Product: N4310
“The Thecus N4310 possesses a very nice design in many different ways. It is well-made and it offers the possibility to install up to four HDDs and excellent software, which in terms of functionality does not have anything to envy from what the competitors offer, and also provides nice performance.”  
Country: Italy | Media: ReHWolution | Product: N4310

"The N4310 is an ideal solution for SMB and users who want a personal cloud at home. The OS is really user-friendly and it includes many features."

Country: Spain | Media: Actualidad Hardware | Product: N4310

This is an ideal choice for SOHO/Home users who need to increase their storage capacity. With compatibility for 6 TB drives, capacity levels of 24TB can be reached. “The Thecus N4310 NAS shows good design, great performance and large storage capacity thanks to its four bays.”

Country: Poland | Media: Virtual-IT | Product: N4310

“If you plan to purchase an affordable and compact NAS for your home or small office that supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, with a rich number of features, this should be your first choice.  At this price, this Thecus server is second to none!”

Country: Italy | Media: HW Legend | Product: N4310
“From a performance point of view, the Thecus N4310 has returned results in line with the statements made by the manufacturer and are comparable to competitive products in the same market segment. During several hours of use, even daily use, we found the average operating temperature to be very low along with optimal power consumption.”
Country: Switzerland | Media: Ocaholic | Product: N4310
“If you are looking for an efficient and a compact NAS device, with enough power for small and medium business, we can highly recommend the Thecus N4310, emphasizing the simplicity and easy usage of this unit.”
Country: UK | Media: Hardwareheaven | Product: N4310

“Very competitive for a 4-bay NAS and that, mixed with the good level of functionality and build quality wins the N4310 our value award”.

Country: Poland | Media: Benchmark | Product: N4310

If you want a durable NAS with great performance and many feature on budget, this device is what you are looking for. The manufacturer has succeeded in developing a very usable NAS. This NAS has plenty of features. Thecus N4310is not a server that you have to judge just for the appearance.”

Country: USA | Media: NiKK Tech | Product: N4310
“It has room for 4 drives (2.5/3.5"), offers good performance levels (very good for a single core CPU), packs enough features to cover even demanding users and carries a very good price tag so it deserves our Golden Award.”
Country: USA | Media: TweakTown | Product: N4310
“Thecus' N4310 is a solid NAS solution with a good amount of features for the standard consumer. Adding to that is its strong price point, making this solution one of the best bang for your buck four-bay appliances.”
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